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and the Chamber of Analysis! UC Berkeley Decal

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Analysis
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Harry Potter Analysis at Berkeley
This is the LJ site for the Harry Potter decal held at none other than the best school (next to Hogwarts of course), UC Berkeley.
Here we hope to share insight, stories, information, assignments, and everything in between.
If you are in the class, you can request to join, or I may send you an invitation (for Spring 2008 students most likely). Once you become an HP Chosen one, you are always an HP chosen one, so you can take part in future discussions if you like.
Currently taught by Alya, Faye, and Lauren, the HP and the Chamber of Analysis class hopes to open people's minds to the many facets of Rowling's series, in an effort to establish its place in literature and society.
So... that's about it for now!
As for our wonderful class of Fall 07... Y'all rocked, and we shall sorely miss you.