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Jeff's Potter-holic Comic

Jeff's clever Comic is now accessible for your humour and delight :)

Get it here!

Have fun and prosper!
and kick ass on your finals, folks!

Brandan and Lily: Potter Puppet Masters

I haven't uploaded the videos I have yet of the Puppet show, or of anything else for that matter..

but anyway, until then, here, enjoy the delightful script and bask int he plethora of silly insults Brandan and Lily concocted for us, vis a vi their puppets :)

Dementorbusters: Taimour

Without Further Ado: Taimour's Fanfic... About Dudley the amazing Martial Arts Master and Dementor Destroyer :)

Wheezes Business Plan

Mariel's excellent business plan for the Weasleys...  woo hoo!

CLICK HERE to Download it!


DAILY PROPHET - Kaite G Nili, and Jimmy

This rare, collector's edition of the acclaimed daily prophet has the bonus feature of obituaries too, for your enjoyment!!

ummm.  hooray?
You can Download it here, in case you misplaced your copy, or would like to share it with others:

CLICK HERE for a copy!



aaaaaaaaannnnnddddddd the Quidditch pictures, courtesy of Rosanna (thanks so much for the cd, you rock!!)


Enjoy, and spread the joy.

Final Projects day!!!!

Kinda sucks that it was our last day and all....  but you have to admit it was super fun, super amazing, and just downright ... pottertastic?

Most of these are one facebook, but i know not all of you either use it or are part of the group, so here you go!!


they are all there, I figured that was simpler than uploading it one by one by one on this site.  Simpler for me at least, so there.

Arrighty, i'll get on the other stuff soon enough.  Peace out homeys.


Fotos, Spring 2008

Ok so this website wasn't utilized the way I had imagined it would be, but whatever, no big deal.  I can still use it to post random things.
Which I will do.  In good time.  Namely, after projects have been turned in
I will however post a few pictures, that I have.  Once I get more, I will post more.  So... yeah.
Im not feeling eloquent right now, my apologies.

Anyway so here are just a few pictures from this semester....  These are mostly on facebook too, but I know not everyone is part of the group, or uses facebook that much even, so.... this seemed fair.

Boddington: Scene from their Skit :)

As some people are suffering from stage fright, the video has been removed from youtube.  If you want to see it, (primarily boddingtons, as it was their skit), let me know. 

I'm *still* rather shocked no one came to our room in search of the source of all the screaming, to be honest. hehe.

Jessica: Oh Loneliness fills my heart!

Jessica Wan's exquisite portrayal of Cho Chang in this Drama of Lurve can be found HERE

:)  Fun stuff!

Jon: Matchmaker, matchmaker ....

Jon Sturtevant's highly-acclaimed film about the trials and tribulations of finding love in the Wizarding World. heheee.



Enjoy :)

Do You Believe In Hogwarts (Sung to the tune of "Do you Believe in Magic?")




Cassandra: the Guide to the Good Life

Cassandra's Coupons can be had HERE and HERE.  So next time you visit Hogsmeade, go prepared for some super saving :)

Sangeetha: Spells from her book

Sangeetha should be careful-- her spell-collecting skills might land a lawsuit from Rowling herself, who might think Sangeetha's book would give her own encyclopedia a run for her money! :)

At any rate, her spells can be found HERE

SOME PICTURES (more to come later)

The first in a series of photos of the various projects..... cakes, drawings, and dolls galore!

Jonathan Ma: The Sorting Mirror

Jonathan Ma's Epic poem about the House of Black.

Why the Malfoys Are Perfectly Good Role Models For All Children & Adults Alike


Varun: The Sorting Hat Reminisces

Varun's Project:

I thought it would be interesting to explore the origins of the Sorting Hat—given that Sorting is pretty much the first Hogwarts experience any witch or wizard is exposed to, and also given the importance of the houses in the Harry Potter Universe. I thought about what I wanted to write for a few days—in the shower, while on the bus, and had a loose story in mind. I wrote the poem in one stretch—about one hour to write it, and another hour to tweak, check whether the rhyme scheme was consistent, and make small changes after reading it aloud.

So without further ado....

Thank you for an awesome class

Hi guys,

Today was exceptional-- all your projects were fantastic, I was impressed by each and every one of them, and...  *basking in the glory of how amazing her class is*.
Ok that said, I will be uploading pictures, and files (and if the video makers will upload their videos to youtube, I can link to them on here as well!).
Some people left before I could get a picture of them, so if you would like to share them with the class, feel free to email me a picture.
That being said....

Arbolovs, Dragonflames, House o' Black (yes I made you Irish), and Boddingtons -- the great Hogwarts Houses of Fall 2007 -- you were all an amazing class. Thanks so much!



Hey people!
Welcome to the Livejournal site of the Harry Potter Decal !!!!

I'm still getting acquainted with the Community Dynamic, but I'm fairly certain you need to request to join the site... So if you're in the class, request, and i shall approve :).  I will be posting some of the final projects on here if people send them to me... and Possibly will be using this as the forum for homeworks, assignments and all that good stuff.

So let the fun begin!